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Without question the most satisfying element in my garden is the pond.  I enjoy getting my waders on in spring for cleanup.  I watch and worry when the fish spawn.  I delight when the frogs croak at dusk trying to entice females; the raucous noise the birds make waiting their turn to bathe in the shallows.  The sound of water is music to my ears as my eyes feast on a multitude of blooms I feel quite like a voyeur as I spy the rites of spring in my little pond.  A heron drops by on occasion to check out the menu, garter snakes have been known to take a dip as do my dogs when I am not watching.  I have been spotted fanny in the air examining microscopic beings with a powerful magnifier and have witnessed the metamorphosis of a dragonfly.  I have given birth to thousands of toads and watched as a water beetle captured and devoured goldfish fry.  With this introduction we begin.  For those who currently enjoy the music of water perhaps you will take a closer look at what evolves naturally in your fresh water pond.  After all, this is how life began.
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