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Adventure, unplanned event; chance occurance, chance of loss, risk; to hazard oneself; run the risks of chance; to expose oneself to possible danger or loss; chance try.  Sounds like gardening to me!

Gardens and gardening is fraught with adventure.  The adventure may be found trying to get from point A to point B.  A good idea gone bad is an adventure.  The stories told in the stars are swashbuckling tales of adventure.  Weather presents a chance occurrence thereby creating an adventure.  Trying something new and different is very adventurous.

Some take advantage when it comes.  Others, like me, risk to hazard myself running the risks of danger or loss.  Without a doubt gardens and gardening is full of adventure. 

The word miscellaneous is just too tame.  Check it out!

Indoor Houseplants:
We all know the basic premis of photosynthesis; plants absorb carbon dioxide through a chemical process, and oxygen is the byproduct.  Transpiration rate is how the release of oxygen is measured.  Houseplants have unusually high photosynthetic rates as well as transpiration rates.  Bottom line to all this is we can grow clean air!
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I have always been interested in the natural world, be it on the ground or in the sky.  This section is devoted to the world up above.  A little history, some fiction by way of great stories of daring deeds by superheroes and of course facts that hopefully explain why in an easy to undertand format.  Included is montly star gazing tips, meteorological, cloud and weather information.  I hope you enjoy.
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